Hinode fusesHinode had been producing Hinode fuses and Kyosan Clearup fuses as an original equipment manufacturer for the past 30 years. In 2009, Kyosan decided to discontinue the sales of Kyosan Clearup fuses and as a result, Hinode took over the sales of the products. Because of this, you may find some earlier fuse catalog numbers replaced with a new number, even though it’s the same part.


Since its initial development over 50 years ago, the Hinode Protect Fuse been refined and perfected to offer high cutoff performance in case of current surges caused by short-circuits etc. The fuse instantaneously and safely limits electrical current (AC or DC). It is used to protect not only SSR and SCR semiconductors, but also in power devices such as Inverter Servo-amps, UPS, Power Conditioners, etc.


The fuse’s circuit-breaking capacity is high enough to make it suitable for protecting systems that incorporate high energy-density 2nd-generation batteries and capacitors. Features of the Hinode Protect Fuse:

  • Safe and reliable: Fast-acting fuse that can block off even direct-current
  • Small and compact: Compared with a slow-blow fuse and a circuit breaker
  • Applicable to high voltage: Up to 1500V*
  • Large capacity: Current breaking capacity of up to 100kA*

* Specifications vary depending on the product; refer to the specifications of each product for details.


Hinode offers this guide in selecting the right fuse, along with datasheets for the following fuse types:

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