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Japanese Electrical Fuses

Daito GP50 Alarm Fuse

Japanese electrical fuses are manufactured to provide a high degree of reliability for proper equipment protection. These fuses are typically used in computer numerical control machine tools, power supplies, instrumentation and control systems, and medical and communications equipment.

Japanese Fuse Options

We carry a wide selection of Japan’s major fuse names such as: Fuji fuses, Hinode fuses, Kyosan fuses, Clear-Up fuses, Cello-Lite fuses, and Daito Fuses. The Daito series fuse line are rectangular and are either color coded green, brown, black, light blue, or dark green. They are 2 pin with either 2 blades or 3 blades and are a clear square plug-in model with a black base. They can be ordered in a variety of voltages. With the use of a Daito MP series fuse, an open circuit will enable an alarm circuit. The simplicity of its plug-in style makes for an easy and safe fuse replacement. Fuji, Hinode and Kyosan fuses are more geared to the semiconductor protection market. These are available in many different amperages, voltages and body sizes. Below is a listing of all our Japanese electrical fuses: