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European Electrical Fuses

National Fuse is a leading supplier of automation and industrial European fuse components. National Fuse European fuses meet domestic and international standards: UL, NEC, CSA, IEC, VDE.
National Fuse European fuses include DIN Standard and British Standard. Altech European electrical fuses come in glass and ceramic and in the following sizes 5x20mm, 5x25mm, it5x30mm, 6.3x32mm, 250V and 600V.
Diazed bottle fuses available in 5 sizes: E16, E27, E33, E40, E50
Neozed bottle fuses available in 3 sizes: D01, D02, D03
Knife blade fuses, stud mount
European fuses speeds: gL/gG, AM, gR. ND to 35Amps, D11 to 35 Amps, D111 to 100 Amps, D1V to 100 Amps, DV to 200 amps
Each European fuse size has its own base adapter, base cap, and base cover. Fuse bases are available in 1 to 3 poles. NH, NHOO, Italian, British, Square Body, High Voltage, National Fuse is also a major supplier of European circuit breakers, terminal blocks, motor disconnect switches.

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