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Brand / Manufacturer: HINODE / KYOSAN FUSES

Amperage Rating: 160

Voltage: 250

Department: 18

Series: 250GH

Catalog Number: 250GH-160SUL

Catalog / Class: SEMICONDUCTOR

Speed: Very Fast Acting

SKU: 250GH-160SUL

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160A 250V SEMI W/IND


  • 160 Amps
  • 250 Volts
  • Screw type
  • Durable against fluctuating electric current
  • Long life expectancy
  • UL approved


The Hinode 250GH-160SUL fuse is a cylindrical, fast acting fuse and part of the Hinode 250GH/350GH series of semiconductor fuses. The Hinode 250GH-160SUL fuse comes with a sound alarm that indicates that it has fused with microswitch installed. The 250GH-160SUL has minimum block-off current of 250V AC/DC – 5 times the rated amperage and a maximum arc voltage of 550 volts.


Hinode 250GH/350GH Series Datasheet