Daito fuse MP50Daito Fuse was founded in 1948 and has been manufacturing high quality fuse products ever since. One of the things that sets them apart is their ability to adapt and utilize the latest and greatest technological innovations, which always keeps them one step ahead of the curve.


Daito fuses are used to ensure safety in a wide range of important applications, including communications, computing, measurement, control, CNC machine tools, industrial robots and traffic signals.  Daito fuses meet overseas safety standards such as UL and CSA, in addition to Japanese safety standards.


Daito fuses offer a highly reliable, plug-in type for easy replacement when the fuse is blown or during maintenance servicing. The internal alarm contact in the fuse is triggered when the fuse is blown, allowing electrical detection of an alarm for alarm-contact fuse types. Non alarm-contact fuses are also available. A blowing indication mechanism allows easy visual confirmation to facilitate checking of blown fuses. Fuse holders are compatible with various mounting methods and Daito fuses are also usable in a large variety of equipment.


Below are the catalog datasheets on the various fuse series offered by Daito:

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