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Brand / Manufacturer: ALTECH

Amperage Rating: 10

Voltage: 500

Department: 30

Series: E27/D11

Catalog Number: 10D27SB

Catalog / Class: Diazed


SKU: 10D27SB

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10A 500V D11/E27 GG         

  • 10 Amps
  • 500 Volts
  • Class gG
  • Ceramic casing
  • Slow blow
  • DIN rail mount; panel mount

The Altech 10D27SB fuse is a diazed fuse, commonly known as a “bottle” fuse. It is part of the Altech D11/E27 series. The 10D27SB is a slow blow fuse typically used to protect cable, equipment, and conductors from damage due to overloads and short circuit. Each size fuse body has a different diameter to fit only into the appropriate screw cap and fuse base. Additionally, fuses and adapter screws are color coded to avoid mismatching.
When a diazed fuse has blown, the color-coded indicator on the head of the fuse will pop out, giving visible indication through a glass window in the screw cap. Fuse bases can be panel mounted or snapped onto a standard 35mm DIN rail.
Altech Diazed Fuse Datasheet