SIBA fusesA longstanding name in trusted circuit protection, SIBA fuses offers a wide range of medium and high voltage fuses, European, mini, electronic, and DC rated fuses, (from 24 VDC to 5000 VDC). National Fuses selection of quality SIBA fuses gives you the choice of products that have been German engineered for top performance for over 60 years. SIBA fuses core business is fuses and are used all over the world. Their products undergo certification by well-known international testing bodies. One or more of the certification seals can be found on their products.

Ultra-Rapid Fuses

Ultra-rapid fuses are typically used for power semiconductor protection. Today’s energy supply is under constant demand. The high-tech developments which enable converters and thyristors to maximize output are often highly sensitive to short-circuit currents.  SIBA fuses work so fast they can protect these semiconductors, allowing them to work much longer. Ultra-rapid fuses work quickly and reliably, even when under constantly changing operating loads – they still maintain their condition.

High-Voltage, High-Performance SIBA Fuses

High-voltage, high-performance fuses are typically used in power stations, substations, and overhead power lines supplying consumers the power they depend on.  Of the many energy utility installations that provide consumer’s vital electricity supply, precautions need to be put in place to the visible infrastructure – extending from the transformer via cable and wire to the consumer. SIBA fuses and products protect this infrastructure.

Low-Voltage, High-Performance SIBA Fuses

A switchgear without proper fuse protection may well be put out of service for a considerable time, which can be expensive. It is easy understand that optimum fuse protection is a very worthwhile investment. If the worst comes to the worst, the fuse reacts instantaneously, is quickly replaced, and work can then carry on as before. Used in home environments and other locations, SIBA NH fuses provide sound protection against faults in the electrical system or poor workmanship during installation of the wiring

Miniature SIBA Fuses

Measuring equipment, sensor technology, machine controls, industrial electronics are the nervous system of manufacturing industry. Intricate, sometimes extremely miniaturized devices and fittings, work in close communication with one another. The equipment, driven by complex programming, confirms that the many cogs in the production machinery all work smoothly together.  If a production issue occurs, SIBA miniature fuses ensure the electronic components will be protected.


Miniature fuses designed for AC applications can also be used in a DC environment. There are no hard and fast rules, though. You must pay close attention in order to avoid picking a fuse that fails to do its job and protect sensitive electronic devices from damage. You can find more information about picking the correct fuse, along with a number of practical insights in SIBA’s white paper series “Fuse On.”  For further information on SIBA, you can view their brochure here.


If the fuse or product you are looking for is not shown online – just give us a call at 800-328-0496 or email us at and our customer service team will be glad to help you. We normally are able to get any part or product you are looking for at a very competitive price.

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