Pass & Seymour Legrand is known for electrical and wiring devices. This includes: switches, straight blade devices, hospital grade devices, decorator devices, GFCIs, Straight blade plugs and connectors, Turnlok devices, Flexcor wire mesh grips, wall plates, weatherproof boxes & covers, etc.
Sizes for domestic and industrial Pass & Seymour Legrand cartridge fuses:

  • 5×20 mm, 6.3x32mm, 8.5x23mm, 10.3×25.8mm, 8.5×31.5, 10.3×31.5mm, 10.3x38mm
  • 10×38, 14x51mm, 22x58mm
  • Speed for domestic and industrial cartridge fuses: gl and am
  • Sizes for Pass & Seymour Legrand blade type cartridge fuses: Size 00, Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4.

  • Speed for blade type cartridge fuses: gl and am
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