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New SM10 Varistor Series

Earlier this year, Littelfuse announced the SM10 Varistor Series, a revolutionary Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) designed to provide superior transient surge protection in: Automotive electronics Electric vehicles and charging stations Building automation Appliances Consumer electronics Power storage systems High-end power supplies The compact SM10 Varistor Series has a vertical surface-mount design and is capable of… Read more »

Arc Flash Seminars Now Available Nationwide via Zoom!

National Fuse sponsors ARC Flash Seminars throughout the year in order for individuals to get the OSHA-required certification. Due to COVID, we are now offering attendance via Zoom.   Interested in getting certified? Click here for more information on our next seminar and to view the full seminar flyer. The instructor Jack Bene is a… Read more »

We’re Growing!

Thanks to our great customers, National Fuse Products warehouse and office space has recently expanded! We continue growing to better serve you and your product needs. Below are a few photos of our space, along with a few vintage autos the owner has collected. Some employees even use the Ford truck to deliver products to… Read more »

Fail-Safe Surge Protection Device

Looking for a fail-safe surge protection device? National Fuse Products is excited to introduce Mersen’s latest addition – the Surge-Trap Pluggable STP-50 series. The Mersen STP-50 Series is a no-fuse, fail-safe surge suppressor with a 50kA short circuit rating, suitable for most industrial control panels.   With Mersen’s TPMOV technology inside, there is no need… Read more »

Selecting the Correct Fuse For Your Application

Choosing the correct fuse for your application can be overwhelming and time-consuming – even for a seasoned electronics design engineer. Our thanks to Littelfuse who created a user-friendly guide in making the fuse selection process quick and easy as well as optimizing the reliability and performance. National Fuse is a licensed distributor of Littelfuse fuses… Read more »

Advanced Charging Solutions for Next-Gen Commercial EVs

Ever wonder how heavy-duty and commercial electric vehicles get electrically charged? The following information is sponsored by Littelfuse. You can read the full article here. National Fuse Products is a licensed distributor of Littelfuse products. As the electrification of heavy-duty or commercial vehicles gains more acceptance, charging larger batteries than the ones in electric passenger… Read more »

No More Trips To The Breaker Box

Remember the days when you tripped a fuse sending you to the breaker box to fix it? Not anymore. Legrand (who owns Pass & Seymour) now offers an all-in-one solution giving you reliable, code-compliant ground fault protection for all indoor and outdoor areas.   With the number of mobile devices used these days, Legrand went… Read more »

OSHA Required Electrical Glove Testing

Insulating electrical gloves are critical PPE (personal protective equipment) for electrical work on or near exposed energized parts. Electrical gloves must be rated for the voltage to which a worker will be exposed (phase to ground or phase to phase) and marked to indicate their rating. There are different classes of electrical gloves and our… Read more »

Fuses Everywhere – Every Day

Littelfuse ATO-30-LED

Have you ever considered how much your everyday life depends on the use of various fuses and diode arrays to protect against the effects of electrostatic discharge? Let’s face it – protection against the effects of electrostatic discharge is an essential requirement for any manufacture, home construction, service, repair and any other area in contact… Read more »

“Stay Safe” from Arc Flash

Fluke CV401

This past year has been one of major adjustments for us all in work and lifestyle due to the COVID virus. In place of using “best regards” as a standard closure to email communications, the norm has now become “stay safe.” In addition, we have all taken precaution by social distancing and wearing facial masks… Read more »

Your Peace of Mind | 2020 NEC Revision

How much is your peace of mind worth to know that you are protecting your home from unseen, dangerous electrical surges in addition to complying with the latest National Electric Code (NEC)? Power surges are an issue because they can damage or destroy plugged-in electrical devices. When too much electricity flows through an appliance at… Read more »

Be Safe Using a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

ground fault circuit interrupter

Have you ever considered which is more important – your job or your safety performing the job? You guessed it – your safety is most important. The National Safety Council established June as national safety month. National Fuse Products thought it would be a perfect time to feature one of the more popular circuit interrupters… Read more »

OSHA Required Insulating Gloves

Cementex Insulating Gloves

Insulating gloves are critical PPE (personal protective equipment) for electrical work on or near exposed energized parts. Insulating gloves must be rated for the voltage to which a worker will be exposed (phase to ground or phase to phase) and marked to indicate their rating. OSHA requires that the gloves must be electrically tested at… Read more »

7 Best Fluke Clamp Meters for Industrial Applications

The Fluke high-performance clamp meter with wireless communication, measures very low voltage and very high resistance, plus a VFD low-pass filter for accurate motor drive measurements. National Fuse Products carries a wide variety of Fluke meters. Visit our Fluke product page.

Mersen Solutions for the Wind Industry

Ever wondered how those wind turbines operate efficiently? Mersen, a global expert in electrical power, protection and control, gives you a glance at the improvements that can be made to continuously improve wind turbine component performance and reliability. National Fuse Products is a licensed distributor of Mersen products.

Advantages of Ground Fault Protection at the Point-of-Use

Putting ground fault protection within arm’s reach means easier access for homeowners and fewer callbacks for contractors. Pass & Seymour GFCI receptacle benefits include accessibility & ease of use, simple trouble- shooting, and superior protection. National Fuse Products carries a large inventory of Pass & Seymour products including GFCI receptacles.

What does the “T” and “F” stand for when it comes to fuses?

What the T stands for in fuses

Ever wonder what the “T” stands for when it comes to fuses? If you answered “Timed” – you are correct! Timed is the correct term for a “slow blow fuse” which are often called “time-delay fuses.” There is also a double “TT” rating which denotes very slow blow fuses. Alternatively, “F” stands for “Fast” or… Read more »

A Fuse Is Tripped By Heat, Not Current

fuse tripped by heat

A fuse is not tripped directly by current but rather the current creates heat, and heat trips the fuse. This is known as the “heating effect of electric current.” The amount of heat produced by the flow of current through a fuse wire depends on the following factors: 1-Material of the wire 2-Thickness of wire… Read more »

Fuse vs. Circuit Breaker

fuse vs. circuit breaker

Ever wonder who would win if there was a contest between a fuse and a circuit breaker? When everything is considered – purchase price, maintenance cost, foreseeable service life – a fuse proves to be the winner. Fuses also win out in the maintenance department – where circuit breakers must be checked regularly to make… Read more »