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Selecting the Correct Fuse For Your Application

Choosing the correct fuse for your application can be overwhelming and time-consuming – even for a seasoned electronics design engineer. Our thanks to Littelfuse who created a user-friendly guide in making the fuse selection process quick and easy as well as optimizing the reliability and performance. National Fuse is a licensed distributor of Littelfuse fuses… Read more »

Advanced Charging Solutions for Next-Gen Commercial EVs

Ever wonder how heavy-duty and commercial electric vehicles get electrically charged? The following information is sponsored by Littelfuse. You can read the full article here. National Fuse Products is a licensed distributor of Littelfuse products. As the electrification of heavy-duty or commercial vehicles gains more acceptance, charging larger batteries than the ones in electric passenger… Read more »

Fuses Everywhere – Every Day

Littelfuse ATO-30-LED

Have you ever considered how much your everyday life depends on the use of various fuses and diode arrays to protect against the effects of electrostatic discharge? Let’s face it – protection against the effects of electrostatic discharge is an essential requirement for any manufacture, home construction, service, repair and any other area in contact… Read more »