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$142.88 each

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Price: $142.88


Brand / manufacturer: FUJI FUSES

Amperage Rating: 15

Voltage: 250

Department: 12

Series: CP32D

Catalog Number: CP32D-15A

Catalog / class: Circuit Breaker

SKU: CP32D-15A

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  • 15 amps
  • 2-pole type
  • Breaking capacity 1kA at 250V AC; 1kA at 50V DC
  • Excellent arc interruption
  • Highly visible handle indication ON shows red and OFF or TRIP shows blue
  • When positioned at ON the operating handle is completed housed inside the molded case and does not protrude to help prevent erroneous operation
  • Trip-free mechanism
  • Front and rail dual mounting


The CP32D-15A circuit protector has a similar function to a molded case circuit breaker and can be used for normal switching ON and OFF operations while breaking both overload and short-circuit currents.  The CP32D-15A is available in two time-current versions – an instantaneous and a time-delay version.


Typical applications for the CP32D-15A circuit protector are for normal on-off switching of the power supply while also providing overload protection of the load circuits.  This circuit protector is recommended for sequential control circuits, motor control circuits, solenoid-operated valves, heaters and solid-state applications.


Fuji CP31 CP31D CP32D Circuit Protectors Datasheet