$15.80 per piece


Brand / Manufacturer: ALTECH

Amperage Rating: 125

Voltage: 690

Department: 30

Series: NHOO

Catalog / Class: AM



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125A 690V AM NHOO         

  • 125 Amps
  • 690 Volts
  • Class aM
  • Ceramic casing
  • Time-delay

The Altech 125NHOOAM-6 fuse is part of the Altech NH00 series.  NH00 fuses (class aM) offers fast acting short circuit protection, but slow acting overload protection. NH00 fuses have knife blades at both ends, which mount into fuse bases. NH00 fuses are one-time fuses, meaning once they have blown, they must be replaced with a new fuse with the same characteristics.
NH fuses are constructed from a rectangular ceramic casing enclosed by a cover plate that features a metal blade style terminal on each end. The fuse element inside the casing is connected to the cover plate/blade terminals.
Altech NH Series Datasheet