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Brand / Manufacturer: ALTECH

Amperage Rating: 10

Voltage: 500

Department: 30

Series: E27/D11

Catalog Number: 10D27FB

Catalog / Class: Diazed


SKU: 10D27FB

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10A 500V FAST D11/E27         

  • 10 Amps
  • 500 Volts
  • DZ Flink
  • Ceramic casing
  • Fast blow
  • DIN rail mount; panel mount

The Altech 10D27FB fuse is a diazed fuse, commonly known as a “bottle” fuse. It is part of the Altech D11/E27 series. The 10D27FB is a fast blow fuse typically used to protect equipment like semiconductors, diodes, SCRs, etc.
Fuse accessories are sized to match. Each size fuse body has a different diameter to fit only into the appropriate screw cap and fuse base. Also, the fuse tips have different diameters, depending on their current rating. The diameter of the tip matches the diameter of the hole in the adapter ring to ensure that no fuse with a higher rating than intended for the circuit can be installed. This prevents damage to the circuit or equipment the fuse protects. Additionally, fuses and adapter rings are color coded to avoid mismatching.
Altech Diazed Datasheet