McGraw Edison fusesMcGraw-Edison fuses (Kearney) has origins that date back to the great Thomas Edison. The Kearney brand was a family company founded in 1926. Over the years they developed a vast array of reliable and durable connectors and hardware, such as split-bolt connectors, h-frame connectors, type X fuse links, interchangeable fuses, and more.


Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated, one of Thomas Edison’s original companies founded in 1910 combined with McGraw Electric Company in 1957 to form McGraw-Edison. In 1985, McGraw-Edison fuses became part of Cooper Power Systems. When RTE fuses was acquired by Cooper Industries in 1988 and merged with McGraw-Edison Power Systems, Cooper Power Systems was formed.


A few of their more popular fuses are:

  • The ELSP Current-limiting Backup McGraw-Edison fuses - ELSP Current-limiting Backup FuseFuse which is used in series with low current primary protection devices such as a Bay-O-Net Fuse or MagneX Interrupter. The ELSP fuse is used in transformers to protect and isolate faulted equipment. When connected in series with a low current primary protection device, the fuse becomes an element of a two-part protection system that gives a full range of fault protection. This two-part system provides low current protection with the replaceable expulsion fuse or resettable MagneX Interrupter, and it adds the energy limiting protection of a current-limiting fuse.
  • The Bay-O-Net Fuse Link is used in Bay-O-Net fuse assemblies to protect distribution apparatus from damaging currents and to protect distribution systems from failed apparatus. Bay-O-Net fuses can be used on single-phase conventional and self-protected distribution transformers and on three-phase equipment.
  • The ELX fuse is a full range current-limiting fuse designed to provide over current protection. It is completely interchangeable with similar fuses using industry standard clip-style and dry well canister mountings.
  • The RTE® ELST full range current-limiting tandem fuse McGraw-Edison fuses - ELST full range current-limiting tandem fuse assembly is designed for use in pad mount switch gear filled with transformer oil or approved equivalent. It may also be used in large pad mount transformers.


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