Littelfuse is an international corporation dedicated and serving customers worldwide with innovative circuit protection products that consistently surpass commonly accepted performance standards. Since the 1920, Littelfuse has continued to design and manufacture patented circuit protection innovations that are now the standards in the electrical, electronic and automation, and military industries.

Littelfuse JTD_ID Class J Indicator Fuse
Innovative concepts such as the award winning Littelfuse JTD_ID Class J indicator fuse, the smallest time delay 60 Amp CCMR, and the 600V AC/DC LDC Class L fuse. All these examples are recent products that are rapidly moving Littelfuse into global electrical circuit protection leadership. The Littelfuse POWR-PRO system provides superior current limiting protection with innovative, tested designs to prevent or reduce electrical system damage. Reduces inventory by standardizing system protecting provide visual blown fuse indication with LLSRK_ID, JTD_ID, FLSR_ID, and IDSR indicator fuses.

The Green label fuses provide superior current limiting from 1/10-600 Amperes. Type II “no damage” coordinating with NEMA and IEC motor circuits. Blown fuse indication LLSRK_ID and JTD_ID compact protection for motor circuits JTD and CCMR. 300,000 Air

  • Littelfuse Powr-Pro – superior current limiting protection.
  • Littelfuse Green Label – current limiting from 1/10-600 Amp.
  • Littelfuse Red Label – UL listed 600V AC/DC fuses.

The red labeled fuses are the only UL listed 600V AC/DC fuses 1/10-2000 Amperes. Now electrical blown fuse indication.

The all new LLSRK_ID series fuse is the most advanced Arc Flash Class RK1 fuse available providing unparalleled performance and protection to modern circuits. The patented indication technology provides instant identification of blown fuse greatly enhancing system up-time, while the precision formed short circuit elements virtually eliminate damage to components form unexpected electrical faults.

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