Schurter - foreign electronic fusesIn the market place for foreign electronic fuses? National Fuse Products is one of the area’s top electronic fuse suppliers. There are two major foreign electronic fuse markets: European and Asian.


In the European market you have the following main manufacturers: ESKA Püschel, Schurter, Siba, Weber and Wickmann.  In the Asian market you have the following main manufacturers: Bel, Fuji and Toshiba with a few others on the market.


All manufacturers carry proper certifications and listings. Their amperage sizes run 50 ma thru 20 amp with voltages ranging from 32 volt thru 500 volt. Speeds for opening set are FF for very fast acting, F for fast acting, M for medium acting, and T for time delay or slow blow. Body sizes range from basic 5mmx20mm, 5mmx25mm, 5mmx30mm and 6mmx32mm. Here is a brief video that gives you an explanation of the fast acting vs. slow acting fuses offered: