Brand / manufacturer: LITTELFUSE STARTCO

Amperage Rating: 1

Voltage: 120

UPC: 804325045353

Department: 24

Series: SSAC

Catalog Number: TS2422

Catalog / class: Time Delay Relay

SKU: TS2422

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Timing Relay TS2 Series

Interval Timer, 120VAC, 0.5-60 Sec, Versa-Timer, Sold State Ext. Adjustable

TS2 Series Information

  • 12 or 24VDC; 24, 120, or 230VAC Input Voltages
  • Fixed or Adjustable Delays from 0.05s‑10m in 8 Ranges
  • Load Currents to 1A, 10A Inrush
  • Totally Solid State & Encapsulated

The TS2 Series is designed for 24, 120 or 230VAC and the TS6 Series is designed for 12 or 24VDC. These series are capable of controlling load currents of up to 1A steady state, 10A inrush.

Operation (Interval): Upon application of input voltage, the time delay begins. The output energizes during the time delay. At the end of the time delay, the output de‑energizes and remains de‑energized until input voltage is removed. Reset: Removing input voltage resets the time delay and the output.