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Brand / Manufacturer: LITTELFUSE STARTCO

Amperage Rating: 1

Voltage: 24

Department: 24

Series: TMV

Catalog Number: TMV8000

Catalog / Class: Solid State Timer

SKU: TMV8000

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The TMV and TSU Series are universal voltage delay-on-make

timers. Two models cover all the popular voltages and time

delays. Available with knob or external adjust time delay. Its

simple two terminals can easily be connected in series with a

relay coil, contactor coil, solenoid, lamps, small motor, etc., to

delay their energization, prevent short cycling or to sequence on

various loads.

Operation (Delay-on-Make)

Upon application of input voltage, the time delay begins. The

output is de-energized before and during the time delay. At

the end of the time delay, the output energizes and remains

energized until input voltage is removed.

Removing input voltage resets the time delay and output