Brand / manufacturer: LITTELFUSE SYMCOM

Voltage: 230

UPC: 804325036344

Department: 24

Series: TL

Catalog Number: TL230A5

Catalog / class: Time Delay Relay

SKU: TL230A5

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230VAC No-Delay

The TL Series provides protection against short cycling of a

compressor. At the end of each operation, or whenever power

is lost, a lockout delay is initiated. This lockout delay prevents

restarting of the compressor until the head pressure has

equalized. Compressor relay chatter due to thermostat bounce

is eliminated by use of optional one second delay-on-make. The

TL Series should not be used with cooling anticipator resistors

or solid-state switches. (See the TA Series).

Operation (Lockout)

On initial closure of S1, the compressor relay energizes
immediately (or after an optional 1s delay). When the S1 opens

or input voltage is interrupted, the output opens and remains

open for the lockout time delay. During this lockout time delay

period, the compressor relay cannot be re-energized.

The lockout time delay cannot be reset. After the time
delay is completed, the unit automatically reset