Brand / manufacturer: LITTELFUSE SYMCOM

Amperage Rating: 10

Voltage: 120

UPC: 804325032377

Department: 24

Series: TDS

Catalog Number: TDS120AL

Catalog / class: Time Delay Relay


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Timing Relays, TDS Series

TDS120AL – Single Shot/Interval Timer, 120VAC, 1-1023 Sec Adj in 1 Sec Increments, SPDT 10A Output, 8-Pin Octal Base


TDS Series Information
  • Switch Settable Time Delay
  • Three Time Ranges from 0.1s-10,230s
  • ±0.1% Repeat Accuracy
  • ±2% Setting Accuracy
  • 10A, SPDT or DPDT Output Contacts

The TDS Series combines accurate digital circuitry with isolated, 10A rated, DPDT or SPDT relay contacts in an 8 or 11‑pin plug‑in package. The TDS Series features DIP switch selectable time delays ranging from 0.1s to 10,230s in three ranges. The TDS Series is the product of choice for custom control panel and OEM designers.

Operation (Single Shot): Input voltage must be applied to the input before and during timing. Upon momentary or maintained closure of the initiate switch (leading edge triggered), the output relay energizes for a measured interval of time. At the end of the delay, the output de‑energizes. Opening or reclosing the initiate switch during timing has no affect on the time delay. The output will energize if the initiate switch is closed when input voltage is applied. Reset: Reset occurs when the time delay is complete and the initiate switch is opened. Loss of input voltage resets the time delay and output.

  • LED Indication