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Brand / Manufacturer: LITTELFUSE STARTCO

Voltage: 120

Department: 24

Series: Surge Protection Module

Catalog Number: SPD2-150-M

Catalog / Class: Surge Module

SKU: SPD2-150-M

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Surge protection devices (SPDs) provide equipment protection
from overvoltage events lasting micro-seconds. By limiting
the overvoltage to the equipment during these events, costly
equipment damage and downtime can be mitigated.
The surge protection devices for the 1+1 configuration are
available for 60 V to 277 V nominal voltage sub-distribution
board applications.
Features & Benefits
Capability to clamp and
withstand high-energy
Ensures low-residual voltage during high-energy
surge events and higher nominal discharge current
to prevent disruption, downtime, and degradation or
damage to equipment
UL Recognized and
VDE-IEC compliant in
single part number
One component can be utilized globally, reducing
inventory needs and simplifying allocation of parts
Interlocking tab
mechanism Secures module to withstand vibration
No additional
overcurrent protection
devices required in
UL applications
Reduces the number of components and costs
required for protection
Compact footprint Increases panel design flexibility
Visual life indicator Quick visual determines module replacement status
to avoid loss of protection
Pluggable modules Fast and simple to replace, minimizing maintenance
and downtime. No tools required
Thermal protection Eliminates catastrophic failure
IP20 protection rating Finger-safe design increases worker protection