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Brand / Manufacturer: LITTELFUSE STARTCO

Voltage: 208

Department: 24

Series: SB5000

Catalog Number: SB5060-021-0

Catalog / Class: Shock Block

Speed: Very Fast Acting

SKU: SB5060-021-0

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SB5060-02x-0 208V UL 943 Class A GFCI

Special-Purpose Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (SPGFCI),

Class C and Class D

Industrial Shock Block (ISB) is a personnel protection device

designed to meet the requirements for special-purpose

GFCIs defined by UL 943C. This standard outlines GFCI

classes specifically designed for use in industrial facilities.

Class C GFCIs are intended to be used on three-phase

systems where the line-to-line voltage is 480 V or less with

a trip level of 20 mA, while Class D GFCIs are intended to be

used on 600 V systems. The Industrial Shock Block includes

DFT harmonic filtering, an automatic self-test feature and

is compliant to the UL 1998 Software in Programmable

Components standard