Brand / manufacturer: LITTELFUSE SYMCOM

Voltage: 12-24

Department: 24

Series: Monitor

Catalog Number: RM1000

SKU: RM1000

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The RM-1000 Series is a motor-monitoring device to be used in

conjunction with the
777 family of products (excluding the P1
Series), 77C family of products and the 601 voltage monitors,

via Modbus protocol with a communications module. The

RM-1000/777 motor management system combines

unsurpassed electronic motor protection and critical, user-

friendly, motor monitoring.

The RM1000 Series can monitor up to 16 MotorSaver
® and/or
® units through an RS-485 network using Modbus
RTU protocol. A second communication port allows monitoring

and control of up to 99 MotorSaver
® and/or PumpSaver® units
from a computer, PLC, DCS or SCADA system and can be

accessed from the host computer or PLC with the RM1000

acting as a repeater for any of its motor protectors. In addition

to the monitoring functions, the RM-1000 can be used to reset a

tripped MotorSaver
® or PumpSaver®.