Brand / manufacturer: LITTELFUSE STARTCO

Amperage Rating: 10

Voltage: 480

Department: 24

Series: PLMU

Catalog Number: PLMU11

Catalog / class: Voltage Monitor Relay


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10A 200V TO 480V

Protection Relays, PLMU Series

Item# PLMU11 – Voltage Monitor, 200-480V Universal, 2-10% Volt Unbalance, 0.25-30Sec Del Loss, Rev, OV, UV, Balance

  • Protects against phase & reversal; & over, under & unbalanced voltages
  • Octal plug-in
  • Isolated, 10A, SPDT output contacts
  • Operates from 200 to 480VAC
  • LED indicator glows green when voltages are acceptable, red for faults
  • Indicates reverse-phase wiring
  • Simple 3‑wire connection for delta or wye systems

The PLMU Series continuously measures the voltage of each of the three phases to provide protection for 3‑phase motors and sensitive loads. Its microcontroller senses under and overvoltage, voltage unbalance, phase loss, and phase reversal. Protection is provided even when regenerated voltages are present. Universal voltage operation and standard base connection allows the PLMU to replace hundreds of competitive part numbers.