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Brand / Manufacturer: LITTELFUSE STARTCO

Amperage Rating: 250

Voltage: 1500

Department: 24

Series: LS7R0250

Catalog Number: LS7R02502PS00L

Catalog / Class: Disconnect Switch

SKU: LS7R02502PS00L

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1500 V Dc • 250 A
The Littelfuse LS7R dc series is an energy-efficient, compact
disconnect switch that quickly breaks or resumes the flow of
current safely to prevent shock hazards when trying to isolate
circuits or repair systems. It is a 1500 V dc disconnect for
ungrounded systems.
 The patented operation system minimizes damage
caused by arcs upon disconnection to increase product
reliability and longevity
 Streamline design eliminates the need for external
bridging links (jumpers) to lower heat dissipation for
increased energy efficiency, decreased installation and
maintenance time, and reduced footprint for added
design flexibility
 High-level disconnection insulation provides a barrier to
stop conduction when switch is in off position for
added safety
 The self-cleaning blade contacts eliminate performance
degradation (from increased electrical resistance over
time) to ensure consistent behavior across the
product’s lifespan
 The internally-located “sandwich-type” 2-contact
symmetrical design mitigates the electromagnetic force
of repulsion to offer enhanced functionality in short-
circuit conditions
 Meets UL 94 flammability requirements with self-
extinguishing/non-flammable materials to prevent fires
 Solar/PV systems: combiner boxes, recombiner boxes
and inverters
 Energy storage systems: disconnection of batteries,
containerized batteries
 Oil & gas: dc drives
 Railway: earthing switches and battery disconnection
 UPS: switching and isolation of batteries
 Electrical vehicle chargers