$78.16 per piece


Brand / Manufacturer: MERSEN (FERRAZ SHAWMUT)

Amperage Rating: 200-100

Voltage: 600

Department: 16

Series: Fuse Reducers

Catalog Number: J216

Catalog / Class: J

SKU: J216

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100-200A J REDUCER

Mersen fuse reducers allow the use of lower rated fuses in existing
equipment having clips with higher ampere ratings The use of closer
rated time-delay fuses can improve circuit protection For example,
renewable or one-time fuses feeding a motor can be replaced with
fuses sized closer to the motor nameplate current Non-rejection
reducers will allow Class H, K or R fuses to fit Class H or K clips
Rejection-type reducers will allow only Class R fuses to fit Class R
clips or only Class J fuses to fit Class J clips Class J fuse reducers are
not for bolt on applications