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$19.80 each

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Price: $19.80


Brand / manufacturer: HINODE / KYOSAN FUSES

Amperage Rating: 30

Voltage: 600

Department: 18

Series: 60PFF

Catalog Number: 60PFF30U

Catalog / class: Semiconductor

Speed: Very Fast Acting


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NEW # 660CF30U


  • 30 Amps
  • 660 Volts
  • Very fast acting
  • Breaking capacity 660V AC-10kA
  • Maximum arc voltage 1320V
  • UL approved


Note: The Hinode 60PFF series number is discontinued and being replaced by the new Hinode 660CF number. Same fuse – just a new number. The Hinode 660CF-30/U fuse is a compact and light weight, cylindrical fuse. It provides excellent prompt cut-off action when blocking off. The Hinode 660CF-30/U fuse is most suitable for small inverters, servos, UPSs, and power supplies.


Hinode 660CF Series Datasheet