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Brand / Manufacturer: HINODE / KYOSAN FUSES

Amperage Rating: 25

Voltage: 400

Department: 18

Series: 400KH

Catalog Number: 400KH-25UL

Catalog / Class: Semiconductor

Speed: Very Fast Acting

SKU: 400KH-25UL

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  • 25 Amps
  • 400 Volts
  • Fast acting
  • Compliant to 400V-50A class
  • UL approved


The Hinode 400KH-25UL fuse is a cylindrical, very fast acting fuse and part of the Hinode 400KH and 400KHK series of fuses. This fuse is extremely compact making it suitable for small inverters, servos, UPSs, and power supplies.The 400KH-25UL has a minimum block-out current of 400V AC/DC – 4 times the rated amperage. Maximum arc voltage is 800V. This is old number 25LG25U which was rated at 250 volts, but is now rated to 400 volts as 400KH-25UL.


Hinode 400KH and 400 KHK Series Datasheet