$16.23 per piece


Brand / Manufacturer: FUJI FUSES

Department: 12

SKU: FCK2-30


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  • 30 Amp
  • 500 Volts AC
  • Current limiting
  • Center blade style
  • Low temperative melting
  • Ceramic barrel housing
  • Non-RoHS compliant
  • Interrupt rating 35kA @ 500V
  • 1.23 oz. in weight


The Fuji FCK2-30 fuse is part of the Fuji FCF and FCK series of fuses. The FCF and FCK fuses use a specially designed low-temperature melting element, a feature of ‘dual element’ fuses. There is no fuse deterioration due to overcurrent phenomena such as rush current at the time of motor starting and they also feature time-lag operation characteristics. The fuse link is housed in a ceramic barrel with excellent thermal and mechanical characteristics and is packed in silica sand which prevents arcing. The FCF fuse link end is a solid ferrule style. The FCK fuse link end is a center blade style.


Fuji FCF and FCK Series Datasheet