$25.00 per piece


Brand / Manufacturer: FUJI FUSES

Amperage Rating: 45

Voltage: 550

Department: 12

Series: BLC

Catalog Number: BLC045-1

Catalog / Class: Semiconductor

Speed: Very Fast Acting

SKU: BLC045-1

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  • 45 Amps
  • 550 Volts AC/DC
  • Current limiting
  • Plug-in type super rapid fuse
  • Built-in trip indicator (white)
  • Tip color indicates amperage
  • Open fuse indication window
  • UL recognized
  • Interrupt rating 100kA @ 550V
  • 1.97” height x 1.06” width
  • 2.18 oz. in weight


The Fuji BLC045-1 fuse is part of the Fuji BLC, CR, CS series of fuses. They are extremely reliable fuses which have been specially developed to provide protection for silicon diodes and thyristors. They are suitable for inverters using semiconductors or transformers-rectifiers. This Fuji super rapid fuse is designed with a very small total I2t value which gives the Fuji BLC045-1 a high-speed interrupting action in the face of abnormal currents. As a result, the arc voltage generated at the time of interruption has a low value so that faults will not influence related electric machinery and equipment.


Fuji BLC, CR, CS Series Datasheet