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Brand / Manufacturer: LITTELFUSE STARTCO

Voltage: 24

Department: 24

Series: ECS

Catalog Number: ECS31AC

Catalog / Class: Current Sensor


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The ECS Series of single-phase AC current sensors is a universal,
overcurrent or undercurrent sensing control. Its built-in toroidal
sensor eliminates the inconvenience of installing a stand-alone
current transformer. Includes onboard adjustments for current
sensing mode, trip point, and trip delay. Detects over or
undercurrent events like locked rotor, loss of load, an open heater
or lamp load, or proves an operation is taking place or has ended.
Input voltage must be supplied at all times for proper operation.
When a fault is sensed throughout the trip delay, the output
relay is energized. When the current returns to the normal run
condition or zero, the output and the delay are reset. If a fault is
sensed and then corrected before the trip delay is completed,
the relay will not energize and the trip delay is reset to zero.
Select the desired function, over or under current sensing.
Set the trip point and trip delay to approximate settings. Apply
power to the ECS and the monitored load. Turn adjustment and
watch the LED. LED will light; turn slightly in opposite direction
until LED is off. Adjustment can be done while connected to the
control circuitry if the trip delay is set at maximum. To increase
sensitivity, multiple turns may be made through the ECS’s
toroidal sensor. The appropriate trip point range is determined by
multiplying the amperage load by the number of turns/passes
through the toroidal sensor. When using an external CT, select
a 2VA, 0-5A output CT rated for the current to be monitored.
Select ECS adjustment range 0. Pass one secondary wire
lead through the ECS toroid and connect the secondary leads