Brand / manufacturer: MERSEN (FERRAZ SHAWMUT)

Amperage Rating: 200

Voltage: 80

UPC: 0782001790714

Department: 16

Series: CNL

Catalog Number: CNL-200

Catalog / class: Fork Lift

SKU: CNL-200

Categories: , ,

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Mersen Forklift Truck and Battery Isolator fuses are specially designed for the heavy
duty loads associated with DC battery powered equipment such as forklift trucks,

hand trucks, motorized work platforms, and other DC battery operated systems.

Rugged construction and stud mounted bolt-in design assure a long life in adverse

conditions for these fuses. This expanded line of Forklift Truck Fuses can fulfill

virtually all of your heavy duty circuit protection needs up to 125V AC or DC. The

round body ACK, ACL and ALS fuses combine higher voltage ratings and more

ampere ratings with higher interrupting ratings. The flat CNL and CNN style fuses

have a lower voltage rating but are also AC and DC, more space saving and have

visual “see-thru” indication to show when they have operated.


All fuses are AC and DC rated
Expanded ampere ratings
Time-delay and general purpose types
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