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Brand / manufacturer: CELLO-LITE FUSES

Amperage Rating: 40

Voltage: 500

Department: 8

Series: NC2

Catalog Number: NC2-40A

Catalog / class: Marine Fuse

Speed: Fast Acting

SKU: NC2-40A

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40A 500V FUSE


  • 40 Amps
  • 500 Volts
  • Completely enclosed cartridge
  • Large breaking capacity
  • Load degree indicator
  • Vibration/shock proof
  • 2.95” height x .787” width


The Cello-Lite NC2-40A fuse is part of the Cello-Lite’s NC Series of current limiting fuses for marine use. The NC Series fuses are solid and strong with the fusible material being silver and quartz sand used as the arc-extinguishing filler. The Cello-Lite NC2-40A fuse can accommodate a large short-circuit current which sometimes may be encountered in present day ships. Because of their compact design they are equally suitable for large oceangoing ships as well as medium and small ships, including fishing boats.

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