Brand / manufacturer: LITTELFUSE SYMCOM

Voltage: 120

Department: 24

Series: ARP

Catalog Number: AR120A-3095

Catalog / class: Alternating Relay

SKU: AR120A-3095

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8-pin for alternating applications. Rotary switch allows user to lock internal relay to one specific load.

Description The ARP Series is used in systems where equal run time for two motors is desirable. The selector switch allows selection of alternation or for continuous operation of either load. LED’s indicate the status of the output relay. This versatile series may be front panel mounted (BZ1 accessory required) or 35 mm DIN-rail mounted with an accessory socket.Operation Alternating: When the rotary switch is in the “alternate” position, alternating operation of Load A and Load B occurs upon the opening of the control switch S1. To terminate alternating operation and cause only the selected load to operate, rotate the switch to position “A” to lock Load A or position “B” to lock Load B. The LEDs indicate the status of the internal relay and which load is selected to operate. Note: Input voltage must be applied at all times for proper alternation. The use of a solid-state control switch for S1 may not initiate alternation correctly. S1 voltage must be from the same supply as the unit’s input voltage (see connection diagrams). Loss of input voltage resets the unit; Load A becomes the lead load for the next operation.Duplexing (Cross-Wired): Duplexing models operate the same as alternating relays and when both the Control (S1) and Lag Load (S2) Switches are closed, Load A and Load B energize simultaneously.The DPDT 8-pin, cross-wired option, allows extra system load capacity through simultaneous operation of both motors when needed. Relay contacts are not isolate