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Brand / Manufacturer: MERSEN (FERRAZ SHAWMUT)

Amperage Rating: 1200

Voltage: 600

UPC: 0782001294052

Department: 16

Series: A4BQ

Catalog Number: A4BQ1200-TA

Catalog / Class: L

Speed: Time-Delay

SKU: A4BQ1200-TA

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1200A 600V TD L IND.

Amp-Trap 2000 A4BQ fuses are 20 percent more current limiting than any other Class L fuse on the market. When correctly coordinated, they bring a superior level of protection to service entrance equipment. Downstream circuit components have maximum protection against short circuit let-thru current. A4BQ’s built-in 4-second time-delay characteristic (at 500percent of rated current) accommodates harmless inrush currents with no nuisance opening.

  • Fastest operation under short circuit conditions: Let-thru currents are typically 20 percent lower, with a corresponding let-thru energy (clearing I2t) up to 40% lower than the next fastest Class L fuse
  • Time-delay for high inrush loads such as motors and transformers, without nuisance opening
  • 300kA interrupting rating – self-certified, UL witnessed tests
  • Most current-limiting for lowest peak let-thru current; even at fault currents up to 300kA
  • Recommended for Arc Flash energy reduction
  • Pure silver links ensure lowest let-thru current and longer fuse life
  • Easy 2-to-1 selectivity for prevention of nuisance shutdowns and “blackouts”
  • Rejection-style design prevents replacement errors
  • High-visibility orange label gives instant brand recognition
  • Reduced inventory because A4BQ can replace all older types of Class L fuses now in-service
  • Metal-embossed date and catalog number for traceability and lasting identification
  • Fiberglass body provides dimensional stability in harsh industrial settings
  • High-grade silica filler ensures fast arc quenching
  • Optional mechanical TA indicator (100-6000A). Please contact factory for special trigger actuato