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Brand / Manufacturer: MERSEN (FERRAZ SHAWMUT)

Amperage Rating: 5

Voltage: 5500

UPC: 0782001325787

Department: 16

Series: Transformer Fuses

Catalog Number: A055D1DSR0-5R

Catalog / Class: Medium Voltage

Speed: Fast Acting

SKU: A055D1DSR0-5R

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Amp-Trap® R-Rated DIN style fuses are current-limiting, high interrupting rating fuses, intended for the short circuit protection of medium voltage motors and motor controllers. This product range offers North American R-Rated performance in the IEC 282-1 DIN mounting configuration of 442mm. R-Rated fuses are applied as back up fuses that have a minimum interrupting rating, and must be coordinated with overload relays in combination motor starters. Amp-Trap R-Rated, DIN type fuses are offered in voltage ratings of 3.3kV, 5.3kV and 7.2kV in ratings from 2R to 19R. All fuses within this product group are UL component recognized.

  • R-Rating: R-Rated fuses are back-up fuses that operate as follows (Per ANSI C37.46-2000): An R-Rated fuse will melt in the range of 15 to 35 seconds at a value of current equal to 100 times the “R” rating
  • Back-up Current-Limiting Fuses: A back-up current-limiting fuse is a fuse that can interrupt any current between its rated minimum interrupting current and its maximum interrupting current. Back-up fuses are not designed or intended to open under overload conditions
  • Continuous Ampere Rating at 40°C: The continuous amp rating defines the thermal capability of the fuse per ANSI C37.46 and should not be the sole factor in fuse selection
  • Spring-Reinforced Clip MR45 & Spring Ref.# L096472
  • Fuse-Holder: SI 24/442 Ref # K209424 In compliance with IEC 282-1, DIN standard 43625
  • Note: Ratings above 19R may be achieved by paralleling fuses. Please consult factory for details