$4,011.85 per piece


Brand / Manufacturer: MERSEN (FERRAZ SHAWMUT)

Amperage Rating: 65

Voltage: 15500

UPC: 0782001804480

Department: 16

Series: Transformer Fuses

Catalog Number: A155C1D0R0-65E

Catalog / Class: Medium Voltage

Speed: Fast Acting

SKU: A155C1D0R0-65E

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Mersen Amp-Trap fuses for the protection of transformers and distribution lines deliver overload and short circuit protection. These general purpose current-limiting fuses will melt at current that can be as low as 1.7 times the fuse current ratings up to its maximum interrupting rating. These fuses are designed to withstand the transformer magnetizing inrush current. They are single, double or triple barrels 3 inch diameter (size D) and mount in unique cam-locking clips for superior connections as well as easy installation and replacement.

  • UL listed for compatibility with UL listed equipment
  • Clip-lock mounting for reliable high integrity connection into circuit
  • Current-limiting for superior equipment protection
  • Non-venting for silent operation
  • Metal embossed catalog number and manufacturing date for lasting identification
  • Blown-fuse indicator to give positive identification of open fuse
  • 2 lb tripped force – 0.50 Inch