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Brand / Manufacturer: LITTELFUSE SYMCOM

Voltage: 480

Department: 24

Series: 460

Catalog Number: 460-MR

Catalog / Class: Voltage Monitor

SKU: 460-MR

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190-480VAC Equipped with a 2-prong connection for a normally open push button mounted outside the panel. Used in applications requiring an external manual reset button.


Description The 460 is a 3-phase voltage monitor that protects 190-480VAC or 475-600V, 50/60Hz motors regardless of size. The product provides a user select able nominal voltage set point and the voltage monitor automatically senses line voltage.This unique microcontroller-based voltage and phase-sensing device constantly monitors the 3-phase voltages to detect harmful power line conditions such as low, high, and unbalanced voltage, loss of any phase, and phase reversal. When a harmful condition is detected, the MotorSaver® output relay is deactivated after a specified trip delay. The output relay reactivates after power line conditions return to an acceptable level for a specified amount of time (restart delay). The trip and restart delays prevent nuisance tripping due to rapidly fluctuating power line conditions.All 460 models feature adjustable 1-30 second trip delay, 1-500 second restart delay, 2-8% voltage unbalance trip point, and one form C contact except where noted below