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Brand / Manufacturer: MERSEN (FERRAZ SHAWMUT)

Department: 16

Series: 303

Catalog Number: 30320R

Catalog / Class: Fuse Block

SKU: 30320R

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Mersen midget fuse blocks accommodate all 30 ampere 1-1/2” x 13/32” midget fuses. Class CC fuse blocks accommodate all 30 ampere Class CC fuses. A choice of box, screw, or pressure-plate connectors fit a wide range of stranded or solid copper wire. Insulators are glassfilled polycarbonate (GFPC) with verified dielectric strength in excess of 2500V. Fuse blocks feature a unique adder block which can be snapped onto 1-, 2- or 3-pole blocks to form multi-pole segmented blocks of as many poles as desired. All fuse clips are made of high conductivity tin-plated copper alloy.