$41.61 per piece


Brand / Manufacturer: MERSEN (FERRAZ SHAWMUT)

Amperage Rating: 30

Voltage: 300

Department: 16

Series: 303

Catalog Number: 30327T

Catalog / Class: Fuse Block

SKU: 30327T

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30A 300V T 2P BLOCK

Mersen Class T fuse blocks accommodate Class T fuses up to 600A. Insulators are either durable, glass-filled polycarbonate (GFPC) or phenolic with verified dielectric strength in excess of 2500V. Mersen is the only manufacturer to offer Class T blocks with copper connectors


  • Unique integral DIN-rail adapters for 600V, 30 & 60A blocks
  • Full barrier design (30 & 60A) increases pole to pole safety
  • Unique adder-block design (30 & 60A) for design flexibility
  • Spring reinforcing standard for all 30 & 60A clips
  • Features high conductivity copper alloy fuse clips
  • Cool running high amperage (100 – 600A) connectors
  • Copper connectors available 30 – 600A