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Brand / Manufacturer: SIBA

Amperage Rating: 160

Voltage: 720

Department: 32

Series: NH000

Catalog Number: 2029421.160

Catalog / Class: Semiconductor

Speed: Very Fast Acting

SKU: 2029421.160

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160A 720VDC NH000 AR

  • 160 Amps
  • 720 Volts DC
  • Very fast acting
  • Semi-conductor protection

The SIBA 2029421.160 fuse is part of the SIBA NH000 series of semi-conductor fuses. The SIBA 2029421.160 fuse is an aR class fuse. aR class fuses only provide partial-range breaking capacity (short-circuit protection only) for the protection of power semiconductors (IEC Utilization category). aR fuses are often faster (with a lower I²t value) than a comparable gS or gR fuse.


SIBA NH000 Series Datasheet