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Brand / Manufacturer: SIBA

Amperage Rating: 100

Voltage: 700

Department: 32

Series: NHOOO

Catalog Number: 2029221.100

Catalog / Class: Semiconductor

Speed: Very Fast Acting

SKU: 2029221.100

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100A 700VDC NH000 AR

  • 100 Amps
  • 700 Volts
  • Very fast acting
  • Semiconductor protection
  • Knife blade contacts

The SIBA 2029221.100 fuse is part of the SIBA NH000 series of semi-conductor fuses. They follow DIN/VDE-IEC standard and can be fitted in an open fuse base. Usage in the fuse bases requires comparison of the power or switch.


All SIBA type NH fuses are available with either integral blown fuse indicator or a separately fitted trip indicator micro-switch operation.


SIBA NH000-00 Series Datasheet