Brand / manufacturer: BUSSMANN FUSES

Amperage Rating: 1000

Voltage: 690

Department: 4

Series: 170M

Catalog Number: 170M6264

Catalog / class: Semiconductor

Speed: Very Fast Acting

SKU: 170M6264

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1000A 690V T3*KN/110 AR
170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, DIN 43653
690 Vac (IEC), 700 Vac (UL), 40 to 2000 A
Square body DIN 43653 bolted tags high speed fuses, for the
protection of DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/
rectifiers and reduced rated voltage starters. Available with visual
indicator, and Type K and T indicator for a microswitch.
690 Vac (IEC)/700 Vac (UL)
750 Vdc (UL, see catalog number table for specific fuses)
Amps 40-2000 A
IR 200 kA RMS Sym.
Operating class aR
Agency information
Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4
UL Recognized, JFHR2*, E125085
CSA Class 53787, File 1422-30*
CCC except where noted
* Consult your Bussmann series product representative for status