$47.29 per piece


Brand / Manufacturer: LITTELFUSE FUSE BLOCKS

Amperage Rating: 100

Voltage: 600

Department: 26

Series: LFJ60

Catalog Number: LFJ60100-1CID

Catalog / Class: Fuse Block

SKU: LFJ60100-1CID

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100A 600V 1P J BLOCK

The Littelfuse 600 V Class J blocks offer generous space
savings and enhanced value over previous generations, such
as indication, snap-to-release DIN-rail mounting and universal
mounting holes.
 Space-saving design—up to 45 % smaller
 Universal mounting holes for easy replacement
 Indication offered on all versions except 200–600 A
 One hand release from DIN rail for ferrule style fuses
 Reinforced fuse clips are standard on all Class J blocks
 Covers available for 100 A and lower to enhance safety
 Both hex and slot set screw options available on 30 A
and 60 A box lugs