*NEW* Mersen Reducer Fuses

Mersen Reducer FusesThese new Mersen Reducer Fuses provide a safe, permanent solution to decrease your current rating without using a fuse reducer accessory.  These special purpose UL Listed reduced rating Class RK1 and Class J fuses provide the same trusted protection levels as a traditional A2D-R and A6D-R Class RK1 fuses, but in a larger body. Their fiberglass body provides dimensional stability in harsh industrial settings. The typical applications for these fuses are in motors, safety switches, transformers, branch circuit protection, control panels and all general-purpose circuits.


National Fuse Products is a licensed distributor of Mersen fuses. If you are interested in ordering this new product, please contact our sales department at 800.328.0496 or email us at sales@nationalfuse.com.


Mersen A2D-2 and A6D-R Reducer Fuse datasheet and AJT Reducer Fuse datasheet