Brand / manufacturer: PASS & SEYMOUR

Amperage Rating: 15

Voltage: 125

Department: 20

Series: PS5266

Catalog Number: PS5266-SSAN

Catalog / class: Male Electical Plug


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15A 125V 3W ANG PLUG

Extra-Hard Use Angled Devices – Plug, Black & White



  • Angle plugs and adapters both allow for 4-position face rotation.
  • Tri-drive assembly and cord-grip screws are standard on all angle adapters.
  • Angle adapter (sold separately as catalog number EHU15AN) will accommodate all Pass & Seymour EHU-style Straight Blade plugs and connectors on a retrofit basis. Simply remove the straight handle body from the plug or connector face assembly, and replace with the angle adapter.